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My role as a studio portrait photographer in Traverse City, Michigan revolves around the profound connections we share as human beings. This belief serves as the cornerstone that propels my work into the realm of the truly palpable, deeply relatable, and irresistibly captivating.

My studio is a space where good music intermingle with the aroma of exceptional coffee, and where authentic conversations flow effortlessly. This orchestrated symphony is designed to envelop you in comfort, encouraging your genuine essence to radiate brilliantly. The result? Portraits that resonate with the very core of your being, encapsulating your soul with authenticity.

Let's be candid—when was the last instance you ventured into the realm of studio portraiture? If it's been a while, you're not alone. This is precisely why I invest utmost dedication in crafting an experience that's both delightful and indelibly memorable. My expertise lies in crafting portraits that not only encapsulate your character and individuality but also bestow upon you a sense of timelessness, making you feel like a work of art.

My specialization lies in breathing life into portraits that brim with character and expression—vivid reflections of your unique self. Beyond this, I am adept at weaving the dramatic into heirloom portraiture, tailor-made for individuals spanning the spectrum from creatives to business proprietors, from brides-to-be to anyone yearning to experience their own inherent beauty in its full splendor.


I would describe my work primarily as visual storytelling—a facet best exemplified by my "Character Portraits." My aim is to unfold your narrative, to capture the expanse of your personality through a meticulously curated series of photographs. The human experience is a tapestry of intricacies, a symphony of emotions, and embracing this complexity is the essence of our shared humanity. Rather than orchestrating emotions or expressions, I facilitate an environment of connection and foster dialogue, allowing these facets to organically emerge.

My studio's character portraits hold a particular allure for Traverse City business entrepreneurs who desire to infuse their brand with an air of approachability and individuality. They effortlessly translate to the realms of social media and websites, evoking a sense of intrigue among your clientele. Within the confines of my Traverse City photography studio, an ambiance of relaxation prevails—where soulful melodies intertwine with engaging conversations and the aroma of delightful coffee.

I extend a warm invitation to step into my studio, granting you the canvas of portraiture to unabashedly express yourself, allowing the world to witness the profound beauty within you. Yet, above all, do it for yourself. The act of reserving a portrait photography session at Studio Sixty Reid doesn't require an elaborate reason. It can simply exist, an ode to your essence—a celebration of being.


The term "headshot" may be commonplace, but it strikes me as rather uninspiring. Close your eyes and envision a headshot; what does that conjure in your mind? Does it evoke excitement? Does it kindle inspiration? Does it truly encapsulate your essence? As a portrait photographer, my mission is to present you with a portrait that transcends mere imagery and encapsulates your character.

A portrait can dance along the spectrum of playful whimsy to poised professionalism, from casual ease to dignified elegance. What remains unwavering, however, is the commitment to banishing all traces of mundanity. Blandness is not an option in my realm. Rest assured, you'll never depart with a lackluster headshot in hand. Rather, I am dedicated to gifting you with a portrait that not only ignites your own spirit but also resonates deeply with those who lay eyes upon it—be it your Traverse City business patrons, wedding clientele, or your cherished circle of family and friends who bask in the once-in-a-lifetime beauty gracing your wall.

While my studio's heirloom portraits effortlessly enhance your digital presence, enriching your website, social media, and advertisements, their true allure manifests when they're rendered tangible, gracing your walls with an undeniable magnetic charm. If you've been scouring for a photographer in Traverse City, Michigan photographer to encapsulate your essence in a headshot, I invite you to pause for a moment and contemplate your genuine desire. Are you in pursuit of a conventional headshot, or do you yearn for an heirloom portrait that resonates with your story?



Kayla Mari Photography's studio is located on the west side of Traverse City. With ample space, light and good energy to evoke the best possible portraits for your session.

To book a session, click the button below and complete my client questionnaire. I will be in touch within 48 hours about availability and session information. 


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