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I was born in Pittsburgh, grew up in New Jersey, and now me and my family currently live in Traverse City, Michigan. Im a film and digital lifestyle photographer. I adore capturing love-filled images that tug on your heart strings.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my two pups, working out, spending time with my incredible husband and daughter. My guilty pleasures include spooning sun butter from my pantry, watching movies, and discovering new places with the people I love.


I live by a few mantras, one of them being, “love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’m extremely blessed to say that my passion and career are wrapped up all in one. I would love the opportunity to meet and photograph your beautiful family soon.


I was that kid who always had a camera in hand. My trusty chunky Polaroid accompanied me everywhere, capturing life's fleeting moments which I would eagerly paste into scrapbooks.While I deeply admired the artistic creations of others, my journey into photography, which began in 2021 with the birth of my business, was sparked by misgivings and profound loss. Newborn photography was an opportunity I regrettably missed. When our daughter entered the world, my husband and I found ourselves in an incredibly challenging situation, almost without a home to call our own. Amid the whirlwind of my husband's new job and the sale of our house, we were temporarily without a place to settle. Gratefully, my parents opened their doors to us, offering a haven while we navigated this tumultuous phase. In the midst of this chaos, I captured snippets of our journey on my phone.  However, I failed to seize the moment to create beautiful, lasting portraits with my daughter – a decision I now deeply regret.

About a year later, my husband, daughter, and I had found a new home in Dallas, Texas. Yet, life took an unexpected turn when my husband's mother passed away suddenly. The pain of that loss was profound, but it was the realization that we had so few tangible memories of her for our daughter that truly haunted me.My business has emerged from the crucible of loss and regret, driven by the fervent desire to spare you from those heart-wrenching emotions. I am committed to capturing your most cherished moments, ensuring that your memories are beautifully preserved. My journey is rooted in preventing others from facing the sorrow of missed opportunities and the ache of unrecorded moments. I realize this even more than after having a child. They grow up so fast and life doesn't slow down which has made my passion for photography grow even stronger. When you book with Kayla Mari Photography, you are booking with a wife, a mother and a friend who understands what you're looking for out of an image and I am eternally grateful for these opportunities.

"Kayla took the most beautiful pictures for our engagement and baby announcement! She was so personable and helped us feel so comfortable since we hadn't gotten professional photos done before. She was so open to suggestions and had easy step by step instructions to get all the poses done for us. We even got our photos back in less than 24 hours! I 100% recommend!"



Join me, Kayla Victor and photographer and host of the Rooted at Home, Grace Paul, as we discuss what it means to create a business brand that's true to you.


Learn about where to find inspiration that lasts, and how to beat the comparison game and love what you have instead.



In 2023, I was fortunate enough to be featured on The Motherhood Anthology's podcast for a case study session.


Join myself, Jenny Cruger and Allison Craig of TMA as we discuss navigating moving your business to a different location, different ways for customers to order prints and products, tips to get your creative juices flowing, and how to stand out in a saturated market. You can listen below by clicking the button. 

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