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Welcome to Kayla Mari Photography, where we specialize in capturing the enchanting moments of your newborn's early days. Every tiny yawn, delicate little fingers, and peaceful slumber deserves to be preserved forever.


We understand the immense joy and profound significance that a newborn brings to your life. With a delicate touch and a keen eye for detail, we are dedicated to creating timeless and breathtaking portraits that will serve as cherished keepsakes for generations to come.


We offer customized newborn photography sessions tailored to your vision and desires. Whether you envision whimsical, dreamy scenes or simple, classic poses, we work closely with you to create a unique and personalized experience that reflects your style and captures the essence of your little one.


Our cozy and professionally equipped studio located in Grand Rapids and Traverse City, Michigan provides a safe and comfortable environment for you and your precious bundle of joy. We understand the importance of a serene atmosphere, ensuring that your baby feels relaxed and at ease throughout the session. Would you rather photograph memories in your own home? We've got you covered. We are fully equipped to handle in-home newborn sessions that capture the beauty of your family story right where you're at.


We embrace the beauty of natural light, allowing it to softly illuminate your baby's delicate features, creating a warm and ethereal ambiance. We skillfully capture the most genuine and intimate moments, preserving the bond between you and your newborn in its purest form.


With years of experience in newborn photography, we possess a keen eye for artistic composition and pay meticulous attention to every detail. From the placement of delicate props to the perfect positioning of tiny hands and feet, we ensure that each image is a work of art, capturing the uniqueness of your little one.


We believe that every photograph should evoke a rush of emotions and transport you back to those precious early days. Your custom gallery will showcase a collection of exquisite images, allowing you to relive the magic of your newborn's arrival time and time again. We invite you to embark on this unforgettable journey. Let us capture the fleeting moments of your newborn's first weeks, creating heirloom-quality photographs that will forever hold a special place in your heart. Contact us today to schedule your session in either our Traverse City or Grand Rapids studio, and begin preserving the extraordinary memories of your little one's cherished beginnings.

  • How can I book my session?
    You can schedule a session by filling out the Inquire form on my website. Once your inquiry reaches me, anticipate a prompt response within 24-48 hours, complete with my comprehensive session guide and detailed investment insights. Upon confirming your booking, a meticulously crafted Style Guide will be delivered to you, allowing you to peruse it at your leisure. For your session, you have the choice of the cozy familiarity of your home, the natural backdrop of an outdoor location, or the inviting ambiance of my Grand Rapids photography studio. Your comfort and vision are at the forefront of the experience.
  • Where do sessions take place?
    Kayla Mari Photography is a Traverse City and Grand Rapids based photographer capturing families newborn, maternity sessions. All sessions take place in your home, at an outdoor location, or in my studio spaces located in Traverse City and Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • What can we expect during our session?
    Each session is a bit different depending on what services you are looking for, but my main goal through each client experience is to tell your story through human connection. I love to incorporate details that are unique to you and your family's story. This could involve family traditions, elements you love, or places with meaning. These components of our session aren't grandiose things, but small mundane moments we all would like to remember one day.
  • Do I have access to your Client Closet?
    As a cherished KMP Client, you are granted the exclusive privilege of exploring my carefully curated wardrobe collection. Within this collection, you will discover an array of options tailored for each family member. This alleviates the challenges of coordinating outfits, enduring shopping escapades with little ones, or managing potential returns. Moreover, this opportunity empowers you to redirect the resources typically allocated for new attire towards your esteemed Grand Rapids Newborn Photography budget. Your personally selected wardrobe ensembles will be meticulously organized and made ready in our conveniently situated Grand Rapids newborn studio. You can be confident that I will utilize the sizing details you provide in your client questionnaire to ensure a perfect fit. With all preparations in place, your only task is to arrive and fully immerse yourself in cherishing those invaluable moments with your children.
  • How much is your commission fee?
    My commission fee is $375.00. This includes access to my photography studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, time, talent and equipment.
  • Are digital and print products included?
    No, digital and print products are sold separately so you can customize your own unique package of art.
  • What do Digital Collections include?
    Digital Collections encompass a tailored online gallery accessible seamlessly through both your laptop and smartphone. These collections comprise an array of 50-75 high-resolution images, accompanied by printing rights for your convenience. As an added thank you, a set of 4x6" proof prints will be thoughtfully delivered to your doorstep within a mere 2 weeks following your ordering appointment.
  • What kind of print products do you offer?
    I offer a wide range of print products like matted prints, frames, heirloom albums, loose prints, canvas wrapped prints, large format prints, linen photo boxes and more! For more information on my product offerings, click here.
  • Do you travel for sessions?
    Absolutely! I love traveling outside of the Traverse City and Grand Rapids area for sessions. Your session will incur a small additional fee for travel expenses.
  • Can I add hair and makeup to my session?
    Yes! I have a wonderful hair and makeup artist I work with that would love to work with you prior to our session. Hair and makeup fees include full face makeup foundation, contouring, lashes, and any desired hairstyle. If you choose to add hair and makeup, there will be an additional fee.
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