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A Recap of The Kindred Path's Gather Workshop in Newport

This past weekend, photography professionals gathered in the picturesque setting of Newport, Rhode Island for The Kindred Path's third annual Gather Workshop. This immersive event brought together individuals passionate about maternity, family styled photography, and the art of intentionality in business, branding and marketing. Hosted by the talented Marie Tilkens, Adrianne Shelton, and yours truly, the workshop delved deep into the realms of storytelling through imagery and crafting a unique photographic identity.

Maternity and Family Styled Photography Sessions:

Marie Tilkens and Adrianne Shelton, renowned photographers with a flair for capturing the essence of maternity and family dynamics, treated attendees to insightful sessions brimming with creativity and expertise.

Marie's session lead attendees through her maternity workflow, where she shared her techniques for creating stunning portraits that celebrate the beauty of pregnancy. From posing to lighting and styling, Marie's attention to detail and passion for her craft shone through, inspiring attendees to approach maternity photography with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Adrianne, on the other hand, focused on family styled photography, showcasing her talent for capturing authentic moments and emotions within a family setting. Through her sessions, attendees learned the importance of building rapport with clients, fostering genuine connections, and allowing moments to unfold naturally. Adrianne's approach emphasized the significance of storytelling in family photography, creating images that resonate on a deeply personal level.

Branding and Marketing Presentation:

Prior to our styled session I walked attendees through, "Mastering the Art of Photographic Identity," we dived into the importance of branding and marketing play in establishing a photographer's identity and attracting the right audience. We explored strategies for defining a unique photographic style, honing in on target markets, and crafting a compelling brand narrative that sets photographers apart in a crowded industry.

From developing a cohesive visual identity to leveraging social media and networking opportunities, attendees gained valuable insights into building a strong brand presence that resonates with their ideal clients. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, we empowered photographers to embrace their individuality and showcase their work authentically in a competitive market.


All in all, The Kindred Path's Gather Workshop in Newport was truly a transformative experience for everyone involved, offering a blend of artistic inspiration, practical skills, and invaluable networking opportunities. From the captivating maternity and family styled photography sessions led by Marie Tilkens and Adrianne Shelton to the empowering branding and marketing presentation, attendees left with a renewed sense of passion and purpose in their photographic journey.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of photography, workshops like these serve as beacons of creativity and community, fostering growth, collaboration, and innovation within the industry. The memories captured and lessons learned during this Workshop will undoubtedly resonate with me for years to come. My hope is that we helped guide them on their path to artistic fulfillment and professional success.

If you're interested in signing up for the next one, visit The Kindred Path's website here, and sign up for our email list!


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