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Finding the Perfect Photographer

I'm so glad you've decided to take the next steps to finding the perfect photographer for your newborn or family session. Family portraits should never be something you regret. I've heard so many horror stories from clients that have fallen into horrible situations from photographers. Whether it's bad business practices, scams or inexperience. Below, you will find my best practices in finding the perfect photographer for you and your family. Here are my go to tips for finding the perfect match: 1. Portfolio: Experienced photographers will always have a portfolio for you to review, and look through. If they don't this could be a scam, or they're too inexperienced in the industry, and I would advise you to ask for references. 2. Testimonials & Reviews: People do not go out of their way to leave bad reviews unless they truly had an awful experience. Do a little bit of digging and make sure they have happy customers. You can do this by Googling their business or Facebook page. If they don't have many reviews or testimonials listed on their website, they may be new to the industry and I would advise that you ask for references or select a different photographer. 3. Consistency: All great photographers have this in common and it's consistency. If you've looked through a prospect's portfolio, and it doesn't look like the same style from one image to the next, then you could be looking at someone who is stealing images or does not have a consistent editing style which could leave you with images you don't love or are unhappy with. 4. Price Point: This one may be something you're not thrilled to hear, but if you want great portraits they do come at a price. If a prospective photographer is only charging you $100/session they don't have enough expertise, which is very risky. Although many people believe we're simply clicking a button. There is a lot more to photography than you think. Photographers come equipped with a wealth of knowledge to each session like prompts, shooting styles, camera equipment, and so much more. I hope this information has made you more equipped to find the perfect photographer for you and your family.


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