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Kayla Mari Photography | Business Update

This is an extremely difficult and vulnerable post for me to make, but I've built my business on transparency and honesty, and that I refuse to let that stop now. Many of you know in March of 2022, my family and I moved to Gladstone, due to the loss of a very close family member, my mother-in-law. This in itself is where my business began. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, and I truly believe I was put on this Earth to capture the beautiful yesterdays for families.

The clients, friendships and family connections I've gained during this time is nothing short of a blessing. It has been an absolute honor meet so many incredible mothers and families. However, after careful consideration, deliberation and prayers, we have made the difficult decision to sell our home and move.

Although we are moving, please don't fret! I am not going far, and I will still be servicing all of my clients in the Gladstone and Escanaba areas. I value my clients and relationships more than you know, which is why I will not be charging any travel fees or additional expenses to continue servicing these areas. Thank you again for supporting my art and following me on this journey. It means the world to me.


I have some very exciting news! With this new move, I will have my very own studio. I cant wait to share updated on the space, renovations, and eventually a studio tour. This is an extremely big addition for me and my business, and I could not do it without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and support. I cannot wait to photograph more memories with you and your family.


Kayla Mari Photography Home Studio Inspiration
Kayla Mari Photography Home Studio Inspiration


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