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My Life Lately at Kayla Mari Photography

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Today, I'm answering the most-asked question about my life lately.

Kayla Mari Photography is a digital and film photographer based in Traverse City, Michigan.

Where did you move to?

Me and my family bought a new home in Traverse City, Michigan! We're in the process of undergoing some renovations so it's been a bit hectic, but we absolutely love it here.

Some of my favorite places so far is Horizons Books, Grand Traverse Pie (of course), and Lianas they have the BEST selection of children's apparel. You will definitely be seeing some adorable new selections in the Client Closet from there. Last but certainly not least, Clementine! It's new to Front Street, but don't let that stop you from checking out their stunning boutique stocked full of selections from Free People, Alo, and so many incredible brands.

Are you still scheduling sessions in the Upper Peninsula?

I most certainly am! Our family is still in Gladstone and Escanaba, so we visit regularly. I also still have plenty of sessions booked throughout the year, so I will continue to serve my clients there and in Traverse City for as long as my art can serve.

Where is your studio located?

My upcoming haven of creativity, my freshly envisioned studio, will find its abode in the inviting lower level of our home. Here, a thoughtfully curated space awaits, complete with a well-appointed kitchenette boasting all the essential provisions to enhance your session experience. An adjacent on-site bathroom ensures convenience, while a meticulously arranged bedroom layout caters specifically to the beautiful world of newborn photography. Moreover, a professionally designed backdrop setup is ready to create timeless portraits during your session.

Eventually, I aspire to extend my studio space. My vision is to establish a communal studio haven nestled in the heart of downtown Traverse City—an inviting space where creative minds converge. In this shared artistic haven, inspiration will flow freely, igniting collaborative sparks and fostering an atmosphere of boundless imagination.

What book are you currently reading?

I've just completed the captivating journey through "Things I Wish I Told My Mother," and I must say, it left me utterly awestruck. My enthusiasm for this book knows no bounds, and I strongly encourage you to experience it firsthand. This literary gem seamlessly drew me in, offering a gripping narrative that culminated in a heart-wrenching revelation that lingered long after the final page. If you're intrigued, you can easily buy your copy on Amazon today.

Presently, I've started on a new literary expedition with "The Maidens" by the gifted author Alex Michaelides. This novel revolves around the enigmatic figure of Edward Fosca, a seemingly untouchable murderer. As a charismatic and handsome professor of Greek tragedy at Cambridge University, Fosca commands admiration from both faculty and students, particularly from a secretive cohort of female scholars known as The Maidens. Amidst this backdrop, Mariana Andros emerges as a brilliant yet tormented group therapist whose focus becomes fixated on The Maidens following the murder of one of its members, a friend of Mariana's niece, Zoe.

As the story unfolds, Mariana's suspicions intensify, leading her to believe that Edward Fosca, despite his alibi, is intricately linked to the grim event. The underlying mystery deepens as questions arise: What compels the professor to single out a student for such a fate? And what significance lies in his repeated connection to the rites of Persephone, the maiden of the underworld?

The pages ahead hold promises of intrigue and revelation. If this book has stirred your curiosity, you can purchase your own copy by clicking here. Feel free to message me, I am eager to exchange thoughts and insights as the story unfolds.

What's your favorite recipe right now? My current culinary muse is none other than the Buffalo Chicken Tacos—a harmonious fusion of bold flavors and wholesome nourishment. This culinary masterpiece effortlessly combines the savory allure of 3 succulent chicken breasts, Frank's Red Hot wing sauce, half of a finely diced onion, and a medley of diced celery. For those seeking an extra layer of taste, a dash of ranch seasoning can be introduced as an optional embellishment. This ensemble of ingredients embarks on a slow dance of infusion within a crock pot, set to high, for about 3 to 4 hours.

At the 3-hour mark, the chicken unveils its tender splendor, ready for its transformation. At this time, you'll shred the chicken with a hand mixer or of two forks. Then, allow the chicken to bask in its own culinary crescendo for one more hour.

Upon its triumphant culmination, the buffalo-infused poultry demands an equally splendid presentation. Enter the stage, the flour tortilla shell, serving as the canvas for this edible masterpiece. With a nod to tradition, the tortilla shell is elegantly dipped in the residual nectar, embracing the essence of the buffalo realm. It then receives a graceful sauté, each side toasted to perfection within a pan. Now, the stage is set for the grand finale—a generous portion of the buffalo-kissed chicken, adorned with a symphony of additional toppings tailored to one's palate.


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