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Nine Unique Session Ideas This Summer

As a Traverse City family photographer, capturing your family's story in a beautiful and memorable way is my passion. Traverse City offers a variety of wonderful and unique locations that make for stunning family photo sessions. Here are nine ideas that promise to add a special touch to your family photos.

1. Strawberry Picking (Happening Now! Begins Mid June)

Nothing says summer like strawberry picking! From mid-June, strawberry fields around Traverse City come to life, providing a vibrant and fun backdrop for your family photos. Imagine capturing candid moments of your children reaching for juicy strawberries, or family portraits amidst the lush green fields dotted with red berries.

2. U-Pick Flower Farm

Traverse City's U-Pick flower farms are a treasure trove of colors and scents. These farms offer a delightful setting for family sessions, where each member can pick their favorite blooms. The vibrant flowers not only provide a beautiful background but also create a fun and interactive experience for the whole family.

3. Cherry Picking (Starts Early July)

Early July marks the beginning of cherry picking season in Traverse City, known for its delicious cherries. Family sessions in cherry orchards can be both fun and picturesque. Capture the joy on your kids’ faces as they pick cherries and enjoy some fresh fruit straight from the tree.

4. Explore a Lighthouse

Traverse City is home to several charming lighthouses. A family session at a lighthouse combines natural beauty with historical charm. The stunning lake views, coupled with the lighthouse architecture, create a perfect backdrop for memorable family photos. Plus, the adventure of exploring a lighthouse adds a fun element to your session.

5. Colorful & Playful Pool Session

For a more playful and vibrant session, consider a pool photo shoot. The bright, refreshing setting of a pool offers a fun environment for capturing candid moments. Whether it’s splashing in the water or lounging by the poolside, these sessions are perfect for families who love to have fun in the sun.

6. Sail on One of the Great Lakes

There’s nothing quite like a sailing adventure on one of the Great Lakes. A family session on a sailboat provides a unique and breathtaking backdrop. The expansive views, the sound of the water, and the serene atmosphere all contribute to creating stunning, timeless family photos.

7. Run and Play Through the Lavender Rows (Now until Late July/Early August)

Lavender fields in Traverse City are in full bloom from now until late July or early August. These fields offer a dreamy and fragrant setting for family photos. Capture the joy and freedom of your children running through rows of lavender, or take some serene family portraits amidst the beautiful purple blooms.

8. Picnic or Pizza on the Beach

Beach sessions are always a hit, and what’s better than combining it with a picnic or pizza party? Traverse City's beaches provide a relaxed and scenic environment for family sessions. Whether you’re enjoying a pizza or having a picnic, these sessions are perfect for capturing candid and heartfelt moments by the water.

9. Dance in the Sunflower Fields (August through September)

From August through September, sunflower fields in Traverse City are in full bloom. These fields offer a vibrant and cheerful backdrop for family sessions. Capture the magic of your family dancing, playing, or simply enjoying the beauty of towering sunflowers.

All in all,. Traverse City offers a variety of unique and beautiful locations for family photo sessions. Whether you’re picking strawberries or cherries, exploring a lighthouse, or enjoying a sail on the Great Lakes, there’s a perfect setting for every family. As a Traverse City family photographer, I’m excited to capture these special moments and create lasting memories for your family. If you're interested in scheduling a session, click here. I would love nothing more than to photograph you and your loved ones.


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