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How Lifestyle Sessions Work & Why They're Perfect For You

Welcome to Kayla Mari Photography, where family moments are transformed into timeless treasures crafted with love. If you're in search of genuine, unfiltered, and love-filled images, you've landed in the perfect spot. Here at Kayla Mari Photography, we believe in capturing the essence of your family's story through lifestyle sessions – an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional poses and lets the real, raw moments shine.

What are Lifestyle Sessions?

Lifestyle sessions are a style of photography that aims to capture authentic and candid moments in a person's life, often in a natural and unposed manner. Unlike traditional portrait sessions that may involve more formal poses and staged settings, lifestyle sessions focus on genuine interactions, emotions, and the real-life essence of the subjects. These sessions often take place in familiar environments, such as homes, parks, or places with personal significance, to create a comfortable and genuine atmosphere.

In a lifestyle session, the photographer typically engages the subjects in various activities, encouraging them to interact with each other naturally. This could include playing, exploring, snuggling, or any other activities that reflect the true dynamics of the relationships being captured. The goal is to tell a story through the images, showcasing the unique personalities and connections within the family or group.

Lifestyle sessions are popular for family, maternity, newborn, and couple photography, among other genres. The resulting photographs from lifestyle sessions tend to be emotive, capturing the genuine joy, love, and spontaneity of the moment. The guided, yet unobtrusive, approach of the photographer allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, resulting in images that feel personal and authentic.

Why Choose Kayla Mari Photography?

What sets us apart? Traverse City Photographer Kayla Mari specializes in lifestyle sessions that beautifully blend the art of photography with the authenticity of your family's unique narrative. Lifestyle sessions, characterized by playing, exploring, and plenty of snuggles, offer an ideal setting to capture those heartstring-tugging moments. We understand that there's no better way to freeze these precious instances in time than by embracing the genuine joy and connection shared within your family.

Throughout your time with us, you can expect a guided approach that ensures every moment is effortlessly captured. With Kayla at the helm, your family is gently directed, allowing you to relax and savor these priceless moments with your loved ones. At Kayla Mari Photography, we recognize the importance of connection-based images that tell your unique story. Our Traverse City Photographer brings a blend of passion and professionalism to each session, resulting in emotive portraits that will become cherished memories for generations to come.

Choosing lifestyle sessions with Kayla Mari Photography means diving into an experience that transcends mere photography. It's a journey into the heart of your family, where every smile, every giggle, and every tender embrace is documented with artistry and love. If you're ready to transform your family's moments into a visual legacy, click the link below:

We're so thrilled to hopefully weave your story into a collection of timeless, connection-filled images.


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