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What To Wear For Your Maternity Session in Grand Rapids

It is very common for women to feel self-consciousness during their pregnancy, but my goal is for them to feel, perceive, and acknowledge their true beauty. In this blog post, you will find my recommendations on what expecting mamas can wear for the most flattering, radiant and emotive images.


A Guide by Your Grand Rapids Maternity Photographer

When it comes to capturing the grace and beauty of maternity, choosing the right wardrobe is essential. As a dedicated Grand Rapids maternity photographer, I understand the significance of selecting attire that not only complements the expectant mother's radiant glow but also brings out her sensuality. Let's explore a selection of wardrobe options that strike the perfect balance between elegance and allure, creating timeless and emotionally-charged images.

Delicate Dresses: A Sublime Beginning

Commencing maternity sessions with delicate dresses infuses a touch of beauty and sensuality into the experience. Dresses featuring tasteful slits or lace details offer a gradual transition for the mother-to-be, allowing her to feel comfortable in front of the camera. These choices provide coverage while also imparting a subtle "see-through" effect, adding a layer of sophistication to the photographs.

  • Vintage Lace Dress: Link

  • Fringe Lace Maternity Dress: Link

  • Off the Shoulder Dress: Link

  • Hikari Dress: Link

Robes: A Subtle Transition

Robes offer a gradual shift towards more revealing attire during the session. Longer robes are especially ideal for those who may feel a tad self-conscious about their lower halves. These robes maintain coverage while still allowing the baby bump to peek through, thanks to their open front design.

  • Lace Robe: Link

  • Lace Chiffon Caftan: Link

Kimonos: A Touch of Modesty and Elegance

Photographing in kimonos involves a subtle play of modesty and allure. Safety pins near the bust offer modesty while allowing a delicate reveal, emphasizing the presence and radiance of the beautiful life growing within.

  • Lace Kimono: Link

  • Floral Embroidered Kimono: Link

Fabric: An Elegant Choice

Chiffon, tulle, or a simple white sheet - these fabric choices create radiant and emotionally charged images, embracing the beauty of expectant motherhood.

  • Chiffon Cape: Link

  • Tulle Gown (Size Up): Link

Incorporating these wardrobe choices into your maternity session ensures that your radiant beauty and the joy of impending motherhood are elegantly captured. As your devoted Grand Rapids maternity photographer, my goal is to create images that resonate with the grace and emotions of this remarkable journey.


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