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Why Location, Time & Wardrobe Matter


I tell my clients this all the time, and it's true! There are three things that I am always very specific about for session. They are clothing, session location, and time of day. There is a method to my madness, and these three things can completely change the look of your images. By keeping them consistent in all sessions, you are guaranteed beautiful images.

The wardrobe you choose to wear can drastically change the look and feel of your images.

  1. Wear Neutral Colored Clothing: soft whites, ivory, beige and pastels photograph the best

  2. Mom, Decide Your Outfit First: Then, from there you can select other family members options based off of your wardrobe selection

  3. Ditch Everything Out Of Your Pockets: Set aside all phones, keys, etc. out of your pockets. Holding onto unnecessary things creates unwanted wrinkles and bulges in your photographs.

Location Matters

When I'm not shooting in studio, some of my favorite locations are open spots right at sunset. These are typically open areas with little tree coverage, aka not much shade. It's important to note, the timing of these shots must be done right at sunset or the light will be very harsh on subjects.

Timing is Everything

Why do I shoot at sunrise or sunset? Great question, I have shot for many years, and I know that these are the best time to provide beautiful images for your family. I personally prefer a sunset over sunrise because it's soft, warm and wraps around my clients better than any other time of day. Shooting at sunset, also allows the highlights in the image to not have as much contrast like it would if you shot subjects at mid-day. I want softness in my images and shooting earlier in the day can produce harsher contrast.

All that being said, if your dream location is a busy spot, I will recommend that we schedule a sunrise session instead.


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