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Instagram Availability Template

Instagram Availability Template


Introducing our customizable Instagram template designed specifically for photographers to effortlessly share their upcoming availability. This stylish and user-friendly template helps you keep your audience informed and engaged, ensuring you never miss a booking opportunity. Transform your followers into clients with our integrated email capture feature. This template includes a dedicated space for prospective clients to input their email addresses, allowing you to gather leads seamlessly.


  • Customizable Date and Time Slots: Easily update and share your available sessions for maternity, newborn, and family photography.

  • Eye-Catching Design: Professionally designed to match your brand and catch the attention of your followers.

  • Engagement Boosting: Encourage prospective clients to connect with you through a clean and clear call-to-action.


  • Download the Template: Purchase and download the Instagram template.

  • Customize to Fit Your Brand: Use Canva or Photoshop to update your availability and add your personal touch.

  • Share on Instagram: Post your updated availability on your Instagram feed or stories

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